Blank Map

This is a blank map that lets you go as far as you want in any direction, with no questions asked, but it’s no help at all if you want to know if you’re going the right way.

– Brian Andreas, Story People


Brooklyn, Brews, and Brunch

C and I took a whirlwind trip to New York a couple weekends ago. We went up early Saturday morning and came back on Sunday afternoon.

We spent most of our time in Brooklandia! Neither of us had been to Williamsburg (prounounced Wee-yams-burg if you are my family) before and it was everything we hoped it would be and more. We started at the Brooklyn Brewery. We took a quick tour, but spent most of our time at the bar. It is a really cool space where you can bring your own foods and board games and hang out for the afternoon!

We then went to a Biergarten I had seen here. It was so lively and full of young hipsters!  C and I shared a brat and some biers. Delicious! We were a little overwhelmed by the German menu, but our server helped us out.

We strolled through Williamsburg and found a festival where people had laid out sod squares for lounging. Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Take Me In.

On Sunday we went to brunch at a place I had wanted to try called Tartine.  It was delicious and we got there just before the crowds rolled in for brunch.

We ended the day in Bryant Park before hopping on our bus back to NoVa. 🙂


My commute to and from work is relatively short, but I like to use that time to listen to books that I might not take time to read otherwise.  I find that I get tired of listening to (country) music and frustrated by commentary on the economy. Fortunately, my local library has a decent selection of audio-books. (In college, I would check-out books on tape from Cracker Barrel. 🙂 ) I usually stick to chick-lit in the car because it’s easy to follow and you can start and stop easily. Here are a few I’ve been “reading” lately.

The Great Santini was a surprising book. I had read My Losing Season not long before and the parallel’s between Conroy’s real life and his fictional character are so prevalent, it makes you question how much of The Great Santini is fiction. I really didn’t care for the reader’s voice in the edition I had, which made it hard to enjoy the content. It’s amazing how much that can shape your perception of the book.

Emily Giffin’s books are actually pretty good for the realm of chick-lit. The writing isn’t overly cheesy and the plots are interesting. Cynthia Nixon does the reading in both of these. I was pleasantly surprised by both of these!

I’ve been on a Hemingway kick lately. This is a short story, so it didn’t take long to listen to the whole thing, but it was great. So glad I didn’t listen to this before my dad hiked Kilimanjaro.

I’m currently listening to A Good Year by Peter Mayle. So far so good. I read A Year in Provence in high school. So far, it’s a similar feel.

Then I have The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Dideon to listen to afterwards. I read most of this a few years ago but somehow stopped and never finished.

There is something really nice about being read to, isn’t there?