Happy Solstice!

Hope you’re filling your long days with summer fun!



Official Theme Song of 2012

(Thank you, Beary)

As an avid list maker, I’m always eager for any opportunity to set new goals. Sometimes I even write tasks on my to-do list after I’ve finished just so I can remind myself of what I’ve done and feel accomplished. So, New Years resolutions excite me!

Here are a few of my 2012 goals and dreams:

  • Worry Less
  • Smile More
  • Drink More Water
  • Eat More Plants
  • Move Everyday

What are yours?


Weekend in Charlottesville

Last weekend, C and I took a quick trip down to Charlottesville. We had a GREAT time at the Avett Brothers Concert. We got out of DC as soon as we could after work and made it just in time for the concert.  We grabbed beers (Starr Hill!) just as the show began.

We spent the first half in the front with the young bucks but we eventually moved back a little ways so we had space to dance around. 🙂


On Saturday morning, we headed towards the Downtown Mall.

We strolled through the Farmer’s Market.

We got breakfast at Cafe Cubano, one of my personal favorites.

It was great to be back in my old stompin’ ground.

Enjoy the first weekend of Fall!