As I think I’ve mentioned before, one of my favorite parts of my life in Spain was that I was able to read almost constantly. It was the best life in so many ways but especially for reading. My work schedule was sparse, to say the least, which left plenty of discretionary time to put a major dent in the endless list of books I want to read. I could read on my commute, on the beach, at the gym, during breaks at school.
At one point, my friend (and current roommate 🙂 ) Carolyn sent me an email, updating me on life, and she mentioned she had just read a book that she thought I would really enjoy. Gilead by Marilynne Robinson. I love getting book recommendations from people. I made a note of it so I’d remember to find a copy when I was back in the states. A few days later, I left with Jo for a quick day trip to Nerja, a beautiful beach about an hour away from the city of Málaga. We spent the day on the beach and walking through the small town and eating popsicles.

I had read in a guidebook that there was a great used bookshop in Nerja with lots of English books, so I told Jo we should try to find it. We wandered through narrow streets and finally stumbled upon the little shop. We walk in and what is the first book I see…

The fates sent it to me. It was just the book I needed at that time in my life. I devoured the book and loved every minute of it.

It was also in that same bookshop that I got a copy of The Color Purple by Alice Walker. I adored that book and had a major connection with it which I’ll explain some other time. 🙂

I’m on the way back home for the holiday! Merry Christmas, y’all!



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