Kitchen Wins!

Look what I’ve made for my cuberhood at work… some treats! I tried out a simple holiday recipe from Shutterbean here. I tried a bite and they are yummy! I am not normally a white chocolate person, unless it is paired with either pretzels or peppermint. These have both! I also made a southern classic cheese straws that my mom recommended. They are delicious and I hope people enjoy them over their coffee break!



Don’t be fooled. I had a couple kitchen failures this weekend before these two winners. I attempted and distroyed some English Toffee as well as Peppermint Bark, which I’ve made many times before! Boo! Carolyn and I spent hours on sunday afternoon (and late into the evening!) baking and watching the Yule Log. Nothing turned out as I had hoped and Carolyn’s all came out beautifully! Talk about bad kitchen karma. Either way, it got me in the holiday spirit! Glad the odds are back in my favor.



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