Hello, Hello!

I’m finally getting around to posting about Boston! Like I said yesterday, I accidentally left my computer at my parent’s house over thanksgiving so it’s been tough to write longer posts! 🙂

Boston was SO MUCH FUN! When we arrived on Thursday, Annie T met us and brought us back to her apartment. We dropped off our bags, snacked on some hummus, and headed back out to explore!

The T is the oldest subway system in the country! It had beautiful wood paneling on the inside. Even though DC’s metro is a little cleaner and a lot newer, the T seemed fast and reliable to me.

We walked along the Greenway which was really the only thing Courtney said he wanted to do before coming to Boston. 🙂 We made it up to Quincy Market and grabbed some Beeahs. We were disappointed to hear that Boston doesn’t have happy hour. Womp Womp. Then, we met my dear friend, Jo Jo, in the North End for dinner and cannolis. YUM! I hadn’t seen Jo since we left Spain over a year ago. It was lovely to see her!

On Friday, Annie T had to go to work, so C and I went on an adventure up to Cambridge. We weren’t able to go to Harvard Yard due to Occupy Harvard (excuse me?) protesters, but we had a great time strolling around Cambridge. We got lunch and a coffee and made a nice little morning out of it.

After we got back from Cambridge, we walked up Commonwealth Ave to the Boston Commons. It was a beautiful day in the city, but I was really disappointed that the Swan Boats were closed already! The Swan Boats are the only memory I have of growing up around Boston as a child.

We walked by Fenway, but tours had ended for the day, so we just took a quick walk around the ballpark. As we walked around the back side, I took a picture of the big Fenway sign and there were some men working in a bucket truck. One of them called down to us and said, “Wanna get in the bucket?” I don’t know why, but I said no! I immediately regret the decision. Maybe they were being creepy, maybe it would’ve been a little dangerous, but who cares! It was a one in a lifetime opportunity and I said no! From now on, when I start saying no to too many things, I’m going to remind myself, “Get in the bucket!”

On Saturday, we went to the Sam Adams Brewery. I’ve done wine tastings before, but I’ve never toured a brewery! It was so much fun and little less snooty. Sam Adams – A Brewer and a Patriot.

Anne left a really sweet note (and her phone number ) for our tour guide Dave.

On Saturday night, Annie and Danielle took us to a bar that was playing country music! Ahh, it felt like home.

On Sunday, before heading home, we toured Fenway. Dani came along too even though she is morally opposed to the Red Sox. 🙂 I have never really gotten into baseball, but hearing the history that teams have makes me want to start following.

It was a quick trip but we packed the whole weekend! It was great mix seeing friends and getting to know the city. Danielle, Annie T, and Jo all want us to move up there! 🙂 Find us jobs and we’ll see!!!



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