Nerd Date

Saw this interview tonight. I should get some kind of award for going to see a nerd movie like this for a date.

Before going into the movie, we split a cupcake from Crumbs, which was delicious. C and I chuckled in our seats as the theatre filled with backpack-sporting nerds talking about “storage space” and “hard drives” and “applications” and “operating systems.”

The interview was so good. C and I have watched a bunch of clips of Steve Jobs on YouTube over the last few weeks so I figured I would enjoy it. Despite my short attention span and tendency to fall asleep during movies, I was awake and fully engaged the whole time. He speaks with such charisma in this interview.

We walked out of the theatre talking about how amazing it is that he was so brilliant in terms of technical computer knowledge… and yet business savvy… and intellectual… and still a hippie at heart. 🙂



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