Carving Pumpkins

Hello, Hello! Earlier this week, C and I went on a double date to the pumpkin patch with Carolyn and Kyle. Well, we actually went to a pumpkin parking lot. We had planned this pumpkin outing weeks ago but it kept getting pushed back due to schedules and weather. But on Monday night it actually happened!

The Patch

Carolyn with the One

As we started looking, Court asked us if we preferred Berts or Ernies… we paused for a second, then got it. He’s right! Most everyone likes either tall and skinny pumpkins or short and fat pumpkins! I like Ernies.

Berts and Ernies

We love being spooked!

Courtney, as usually, picked the ugliest pumpkin. When we checked out, the lady at the register said the bumpy one’s cost extra. HA! He made good use of it and carved an old man face in it. After we picked our pumpkins, we grabbed a pizza and headed home to start carving!

Carving Central

My Owl Punkin

Final Product!

Now our apartment looks so nice and festive. Hopefully we’ll get some trick-or-treaters!



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