Staying Put

How nice is it to stay in town on the weekends? It seems like I’ve been out of town almost every weekend for the last few months for weddings, Baby Jude, and Hokie football. All exciting things! But, boy, is it good to stay in one place for more than a couple days!

On Friday night, my friend Dayne and the band she sings with had their first show in Arlington. Tons of people came to see her and it was so much fun to hear her sing. Everyone was jamming and dancing around. I was so proud of Dayne. She did a great job! And to be social and see friends was a bonus!

On Saturday, C and I went exploring around his neighborhood in Falls Church. We went to Cherry Hill Park and to the Farmer’s Market.

We got cider and shared a crepe and sat on a bench for a while. 🙂

After the Farmer’s Market, we went into the city to see the Hirshhorn Museum. C has been wanting to go with me for a while and this was finally the right day to do it. I am on the fence about modern art, but I really did enjoy it!

(BTW, I got an iPhone last week… unhealthy fascination with instagram right now.)

I love travelling and going places (going to Chicago next weekend, woo!) but I also love getting to know where I live and enjoying it. This weekend was really good for me to connect with this area and appreciate what it has to offer. It is one of the highest concentrations of people I know and love!

Hope you had a relaxing weekend!



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