Petit Choux

Last week, I went to Trader Joe’s one evening to pick up a couple of things… just some milk and eggs and such to get me through the week. While I was waiting in the checkout line I noticed they had Brussel Sprouts on the stalk for sale! I’d never seen them before. They look a little like monsters/dragons!


Brussel Sprouts are called Petit Choux in French. It means little cabbages. I like the idea of them being mini-cabbages! After the cashier and I gushed about how much we love Brussel Buddies for a while before, I went home and marveled at my purchase.

Brussel Sprouts are one of my favorite vegetables. I love roasting them (even though roasting causes them to lose nutrients… right, Danielle?) My friend Luke taught me to roast them with olive oil and turmuric so that’s usually how I cook them. He swore turmuric had great healing powers and health benefits. Plus they just taste good! You can also steam them (maybe add a little butter, salt and pepper) and they a good too. Most people don’t like the bitter taste that comes with them. If you cook them right, you don’t notice the bitterness and they are really delicious. They come into season in the  summer and fall, so get them while they’re here!

Also at Trader Joe’s, I grabbed a couple mini pumpkins and gourds for decoration. 🙂

Eat your vegetables!



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