Missoni for Target

NEWS FLASH: I got my hands on some Missoni for Target!

The stars aligned when a Target employee in Cali forgot to unload a couple of shipments and the one and only Hals03 happened to go to Target on her lunch break as they were being unloaded. The fates sent me a pair of shoes and a notebook! It was such a nice gift for my half birthday coming up this week. I am “pumped” to wear my shoes to work tomorrow. Plus, my mom got me a plate when I saw her last weekend… lucky me! I thought I had totally missed the boat when I didn’t get any the first day it came out.

I would really like to get one of the cosmetic bags and perhaps an iPhone cover and the blanket … I don’t know how long they are going to have the line at Target but if I’m going to find these things I should probably get them quickly!

What do you think of Missoni for Target? Too trendy? Cool? I am more into the home design rather than the clothing. I like the fire stitch pattern a lot but it’s pretty intense when you see it in an outfit all together. I’m so pleased with what I have so far and I’m excited to find a couple more things I like. 🙂

Also, C showed me this today…

Amazing? Want to move West? Me too.



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