Welcome to the Club

Hey – Wanna join my book club? I’ve always wanted to be in a book club but it just has never panned out.

About two years ago, I tried to get my sister and two friends, Maggie and Annie, to do one with me. I even picked out the book, Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson (which I guess has now sadly been debunked),  and had everyone buy it. When we finally got together, I had read the book, Maggie had read about half, Katie read the first three pages and Annie had read the back cover. Boo.

My senior year of college, I needed an elective of any kind in order to graduate  so I signed up for a contemporary literature class where they read lots of novels and classics I hadn’t read before (Emily Bronte, Jane Austin, Dostoevsky, Kafka, etc).  I wanted to treat it as if it were a book club so I could really enjoy it. Unfortunately no one else in the class had that mentality and the professor made it miserable.

I have friends (I have friends!) who have found or created book clubs online through CraigsList and other sites. I’d like to start it among friends or friends of friends, but I’m open to looking in other places, too!

We could do it virtually. Or in real life if you live in the Washington Metro Area.

We could even call the group “Books, Beers, and BFFs.”  Who’s in?


11 thoughts on “Welcome to the Club

    • Three Cups of Tea was great, though I read it before some of the truth came out about the story! I would still recommend it though. Have you read Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder?

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