Summer Salsa

Summer is ending. Fall is coming. I could not be happier. I usually love summer, but this one was just too hot/humid and I didn’t get enough vacation. Womp Womp. This salsa though… this is one of my favorite parts of summer.

Summer Salsa

It’s light and full of flavor and easy to make. It is so good when tomatoes and avocados are in season.

I just kind of free hand it but it’s roughly:

2 cans black beans

2 cans corn

a tomato or 2

1 avocado


2 T. red wine vinegar

S&P to taste

A couple nights ago, I made this salsa. Courtney, Rob and I hung out and drank some of Rob’s home-brews. It was delish.


Now, Labor Day mentally ends the summer for me (although there will still be some hot days ahead) and I could not be more ready for fall! 🙂



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