Map Wall, Y’all

Carolyn and I had this idea brewing in our heads for a long, long time. We love our apartment, but our 24-year-old selves don’t really have enough stuff and things to fill it up! The walls have been bare for a while, but we agreed we didn’t want college posters or Ikea art work on the walls. So, we patiently collected a few maps from our favorite places around the globe. Carolyn got Philly, St. Petersburg, Russia, and Southborough, Massachusetts. I got Spain and Greece. (In case you were wondering… yes, that is a denim couch. If you know my mom, you understand.) We were really happy with how it all turned out. Kyle and C were good sports about it and rivaled our enthusiasm!

There is a man at the Eastern Market in DC who sells maps that he cuts out of old encyclopedias. They are inexpensive and so pretty.

In other news, I’m going home for the first Tech football game this weekend… SO EXCITED. Fall is coming! Courtney and I are planning to stop through Charlottesville on the way back on Monday. What are your plans for Labor Day?



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