One Delightful Button

My sister Katie (she blogs here) makes lots of wonderful things with buttons. Earrings, hairpins, but my favorite thing she makes are bookmarks. You can find her stuff on her store One Delightful Button here. As kids, Katie was always really crafty. I’m so glad she’s channeled all her inner craftiness into this business! She now sells her stuff online and at a bunch of camps and stores. You go girl!

Her paperclip bookmarks are my favorite way to keep my spot when I’m reading. I have a bad habit of dog-earring pages… not good! I’m pretty sure I remember in elementary school spending a whole day in the library talking about why we should not dog-ear. Whoops!
Polka Dot Bookmark Clips

Polka Dot Bookmark Clips

She is also having a baby boy in just a few weeks! I can’t wait to be a tia!


She’s a cutie.



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