The Green Monster

I just hopped on a bandwagon.

Beebees – I just made my first Green Monster. Have you heard about the Green Monster Movement? They are smoothies made with fruit or whatever you like but the twist is that you put a handful of spinach in with it so it gets good and green.

I have been reading about them for a while, but this was my first encounter with the monster. I used a banana, a white peach, some Fage Greek Yogurt, and a big handful of spinach. I blended it up in my brave little blender. (I just got this blender last week at Target for $12… $12! I’ve put it to so much good use already.) I keep forgetting to buy protein powder, but that would round this out into more of a meal. I keep seeing people put xanthan gum in their smoothies (like here), but I’m not exactly sure what that is or why people use it yet.

It’s hard to believe, since the color is so bright, but you hardly taste the spinach. It’s nice to think that I just drank a handful of veggies right there (but unlike V8, it’s not packed with sodium and it tastes like fruit) Mmm!

Enjoy, little monsters. RAWRR!


2 thoughts on “The Green Monster

  1. Hi! 1. Your blog is yellow! I love it! 2. Happy Earthquake Day! 3. I just read a pb fingers post who told me that xanthan gum is used to thicken up smoothies! Maybe kind of like corn starch for smoothies? Give it that creamy texture? Where does one buy this? I need to start making smoothies! xo

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