Wanted: A Bookcase

I finally brought the rest of my books back from my parents house this past weekend. When I moved up here, I only brought to-read books, just to cut back on the amount of boxes to move.


More Books

More Books


I’ve still got another 50 or so books in my car … yikes!  I’m happy to have them all in one place, though I don’t know where I am going to store them. (I clearly didn’t plan ahead.) I’m trying to generate ideas for how I want to store and organize them.


I’m not a fan of things made of particle board (not that anyone really is), but they are so cheap and easy to come by!


Ikea Bookshelves

Ikea Bookshelves


I’m going to try to hold off until I find something that I really like and that will last for a long time. I’d like to find something made of solid wood that I can refinish.


I love some of these ideas for organization…



Books by Color (source: ApartmentTherapy.com)


Organizing books by color really is not very logical, but it looks oh so pretty. The boldness of the colors is so great.


Books on Fire

Books on Fire (source: ApartmentTherapy.com)


My fireplace can’t hold books, but I’m willing to get creative with where I keep my books. The oven?


Balanced Shelf

Balanced Shelf (source: littlegreenotebook.blogspot.com)


I like the look of this, the balance of it and the green behind it. I wish I had built-in shelves.


The hunt is on for the perfect bookshelf. In the meantime, my books will wait patiently.


Have a good day!





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