Meet Kindle

This is my Kindle! Kindy!



As a traditionalist when it comes to books, I was initially unsure of how much I would like e-readers. But after playing with them in Target and BestBuy enough, I knew I’d like it and be able to read comfortably on it. C gave me my Kindle for Christmas last year. I had a feeling that’s what it was before I opened it and I was SO excited when I was right! I got a sweet Kate Spade case from Barnes & Noble (technically made for a nook… shh, don’t tell!).

Kindle Case

Kindle Case

I like that the Kindle is a true e-reader. It has a web browser and you can sort of download games, but they are hard to operate, so I never use them. If I wanted a tablet, I would have gotten an iPad or something else. But I really just want to use this for reading and it does that so well! There are still certain books I prefer to read in the physical copy, but my Kindle has been perfect for commute reads, like Angels and Demons, and for lighter reads, like Born to Run. Someone told me recently that sales of romance novels have gone way up since the advent of e-readers. People who were too embarrassed to carry a Danielle Steel novel on the metro are happy to be able to read them on their kindle. Not going to lie, I have read a couple Nicholas Sparks books on mine.


In other news, C took some great pictures of the plants on my balcony!



Tom the Hanging Plant


Tomatoes (Ironically not named Tom)

Sweet Basil, a Gift from Laura Grace

Sweet Basil, a Gift from Laura Grace




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