La Vida Dulce

I’m having a day where I miss Spain a lot. Really happens almost everyday. I spent last year teaching English at a high school in Málaga, a city on the southern coast of Spain. I joke about looking up one-way flights back to Spain. I joke, but don’t be surprised if one day I up and leave!

I have moments where I am taken back to a certain place or I am reminded of a certain memory. Today, I’m thinking of one of my last day in Spain, sometime early June 2010. School had let out for the summer, so Joanna, Elena, and I were filling out days with plans so that we could soak up every last bit of our time together in Málaga. One thing we had wanted to do all year was to have paella with Elena’s family. She was always harping on her mother’s paella, but we still hadn’t gotten to try it!

Mercado en Málaga

Finally, Elena worked it out with her mother and father and we came over for lunch. Joanna and I walked a little different way to get to their house than we normally did. In doing so, we stumbled upon an awesome market that we had never been to. We found blueberries that we were told didn’t exist in Spain. (Spaniards use the same word, arándanos, for both blueberries and cranberries… don’t even get me started).

Jo with Arandanos

We got to Elena’s where we talked to each other and cooed over Elena’s precious nephew. I swear, Spanish children are the cutest, most well-dressed children on the planet. They may be the most poorly behaved, but who cares when they look so precious?

The view from Elena’s house is spectacular. Her apartment sits right on La Playa de La Malagueta. Her views are amazing from both sides. One side overlooks the Mediterranean, the other the center of Málaga, showing the new port and the city’s Catedral.
Elena's Frontyard

Elena's Front Yard

Elena's Backyard

Elena's Backyard

Elena’s mother’s paella was phenomenal. She made it vegetarian, which is hard to find in Spain, but it was so kind since Joanna is a vegetariana. (Spaniards had a hard time grasping that Joanna wouldn’t eat the coveted Jamón Ibérico). The paella, as well as the other tapas were all delicious. We had fruit for dessert – cherries and nísparo. Carlos kept the vino and cervezas coming and we enjoyed a leisurely lunch together in true spanish style!


I remember walking home that day with Joanna, talking about how grateful we were for that family and how lucky we were to find them. Ay, La Vida Dulce!
Mi Familia Española

Mi Familia Española


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