Summer Reading

I just read an article this weekend in the Washington Post’s Parade section. It is called “The Sweetest Reading Season” by Pat Conroy. I’ve yet to read any of his books, but my family loves him and this article made me want to love him too. He’s a southern writer and lots of his work is about life in the South. In this article, he talks about the beauty of reading in the summertime.

“I remember the way the pages collected the smells of summer. Many times, the paperbacks would end up stained by the suntan lotion we made out of Mercurochrome and baby oil. Wet towels and swimsuits were sometimes tossed on our books, so they’d often be falling apart by the time Carol Ann got them.”


Playa de La Malagueta

This was where I did most of my summer reading last year. Malaga, Spain. Heaven on Earth.

Elena and Me

Elena and Me at Malagueta

There is something so great about reading in the summertime. I loved finishing the spring semester in college and being so excited to start all the books I had been too busy to read over the last school year. I love browsing Barnes and Noble’s Summer Reading table each year. It’s always filled with novels, both classic classics and new classics. I have Conroy’s Prince of Tides on my summer reading list. What’s on your summer reading list?




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