Weekend Edition

Ahh, Saturday! When it still feels like the weekend will last forever! I’ve never been much for sleeping in really late. I like getting enough sleep, but waking up early in enough to seize the day and get things done. One of my favorite places to spend Saturday mornings is in Old Town. This morning, C and I headed down to Old Town where we got brunch at Union Street Public House, which rocked! We got mimosas and bloody marys (C’s first ever!) and omlettes and home fries. Great brunch spot!

The Post

The Weekend Post

After a quick walk around town, we got coffee (I got an iced verrrry dirty chai mmm!) and I read while C worked on design stuff. C got me the Weekend Edition of the Post for my birthday this year (the gift that keeps on giving all year long!) and it is a great way to catch up on events from around the globe as well as other fun things that are happening. My roommate always says she likes the font better in the Post than in the Times. I never would have thought of that as making a difference, but I think she’s right! I am always ambitious about the crossword puzzle, but usually I’m lucky if I can figure out one or two answers. My favorite is the travel section. I’ve got the travel bug… bad. I am continually adding places to my master list of places I need to see. The Post provides great inspiration for it. I love getting the paper on the weekends because I actually have time to enjoy it!

Enjoy your Saturday!!



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